Usually, black color is associated with darkness and evil, and that stigma is almost a rule for many industries from movies to art but even when everybody is tempted by the idea of unknown. That group of low emotions beats our heart in a weird thrill. For Michalina Woźniak aka CORPUS VERTEBRAE, her current hunt is all about disemboweling every single aspect of being human and his personal background through a consistent photography work. Please enjoy our recent conversation with this brilliant girl.

Words by Gianfranco Peña


Color, a regular perception in the real world is almost inescapable, why you choose black and white photos instead of vibrant colors? Is part of your philosophy?

Yes. I find most of the colorful photos infantile. They are too loud, too chaotic. I’m not interested in that kind of presentation. I can’t deny that I have some very old pictures in color, but I don’t identify myself with them anymore. They belong to the previous life.

Mistic, erratic with touches of a thriller…Your photography scares us but at the same time seduces us. What is the concept behind them?

There’s no make up the concept behind them. I’m suffering from depression and getting a medical treatment not to give up on my life. I treat art as a cure to release your pain and express it. All of my self-portraits are telling the same story about living in a cage of your own mind.

Your homeland got a long history of poems and poets that dissect the limits of pain, affliction, and misery. How this influenced your work on this legacy?

That’s true and I’m proud, that there were and are so many magnificent Polish artists, but truth to be told, the fact of my nationality have no influence on my works. I feel more cosmopolitan.

Let’s be techy, Is your portfolio entire produced by digital standards?

There are photos that were taken with a traditional camera, but I usually use the digital one. I’m also trying to use my basic graphics skills to make it more powerful.

If you could choose a word to describe yourself..Which could be it??


“Graveyard” and “***” are definitely our favorite. What is the story behind them?

I’m often talking about death, but different kinds of it. Some of them are connected with physical human death, disappearing. But most of them are telling the story about how do I feel about myself – broken, dead and alive at the same time, rotting from the inside and on the outside, visions of annihilation, internal pain.

Many psychologists usually agreed in an evident involution for our society. Do you think there’s a lack of sensitivity these days?

To be honest I think that every kind of human behavior was present, no matter when and where. Today it’s easier to notice that, because of the rapid development of media and its influence on people.

Lublin means for you?

I feel like I don’t belong to this world and this country, but I absolutely belong to this city. I don’t want to leave it, this is my Home. I’m living here for 23 years, but I’m still finding something new and exciting about this city. I feel the power of it and its eternity, majesty. I still find new beautiful, haunting places and their ghosts.

Please to finish this interview share a song and a word with us.


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