What exactly can we identify as chaos? how exactly is our appreciation towards someone’s feelings or even ours? This is a tough question and sometimes music god the perfect answer that allows us to climb on such high walls. Today we celebrate the culmination of a cycle, and at the same time, each year represents the beginning and end of an episode of intense devotion to life.

We closed the year with our tenth playlist and from our offices we hope you connect those headphones, upload the volume and feel what we have for you.

*Feel free to get any of these tracks/albums on Apple Music.
Ghostfoot – Vulture 
The Fat White Family – Wet Hot Beef Part 1,2 & 3
Lorelle meets The Obsolete – La Distinción
Cotillon – Black Sea
Roya – A Sickness
Roxy Jules – Butterflies
Tim Aleb – Sweet Melody
Eocene Nine – Make Believe