Keeping up our progressive effort to expanding creativity and their respective creators from around the world to new horizons, we just team up with the Peruvian graphic design and digital media agency Tokyo Studio to prepare a dedicated series of music compilations according to their first educational effort called Sensei, a monthly gathering for curious minds related to the graphic design industry.

SENSEI (先生) is also used as a title to refer to someone who has achieved a certain level of mastery in an art form or some other skill. The word prefaced by the adjective 大, pronounced “dai” (or “ō”), which means “great” or “large”, is often translated “grandmaster”.

According to this invitation-only event, we develop and select 11 special tracks from some of the most refreshing and provocative Asian DJs and producers like Sapphire Slows, Oniwaida, Lost Soul Enterprises or Cuushe.

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