Get a glimpse of heaven is not a casual thing, and many people could say art is the only medium to take us to that ethereal almost mythical place. But guess what?, You don't really need some special transportation or magic rite. However, after seeing the work of ELLA UZAN, you could begin to doubt the scope of beauty.
Her fashion photography is damn good. It is not forced at all and even with those particular tones, it is possible to determine the degree of vulnerability that she manages to capture in each of her models. Born in Israel in 1984, her insertion into photography is as shy as her delight for the emotional perfection of each photograph.
In the following lines, you can learn a little more about the human being behind the lens.

Words by Gianfranco Peña


We must be honest with you and confess that we live eternally in love with your work since our eyes crossed with you. And that feeling almost dreamed with a use of light so subtle leads us to ask you, how do you start your obsession with photography?

I feel like I always been a photographer, all my life I was Busy with making excuses for why not doing it.
As a little girl, I used to walk on the streets imagining frames but I never had enough money or courage to buy a Camera.

After graduate my first degree in animation, I worked in an advertising agency, after a while I started to feel like I'm not in the right place in my life. One day on my way to work I get into a Photography shop and I Bought my first Camera, I called to my boss and I told him that I never come back.

Innocence is a very wide concept that I find myself dealing with a lot.

The way you explore the "innocence" of your individuals surprises us. However, in a world so loaded with conflicts, do you think that innocence is completely lost?

Innocence is a very wide concept that I find myself dealing with a lot, it's a subject that I love to explore.

Innocence is timeless and forever will be, but I always look also the scratch, the imperfection that sits beside it. Only together it makes things interesting.

Maybe this is difficult, but after countless editorials, do you think that a photographer can also be considered as an artist or are they inherently tied to an established purpose?

Well definitely, yes. I think that if a photographer has his own style and his own fingerprint and he creates a new world or delivering a message true his photos, the purpose of the photo doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if it is a commercial or fashion editorial, you can make art from anything anywhere.

Tell us a little more about your day to day, what are your main fields of development?

Every day I wake up to a different day and I love it! There is always so much going on, the photography takes me to amazing places. I've traveled a lot, in the Last two years I've been in Brazil, NY, Africa and so many more beautiful breathtaking places.

At the moment most of my work is in Europe. I moved to Germany a few months ago, and I'm doing fashion, lifestyle and fine art photography. I'm also doing lectures and workshops.

Do you think that creativity is always explosive or, on the contrary, is a method by which one must work in a disciplined way?

When it comes to creativity all the rules are broken.  Sometimes it's surprising you in the most not expected places. In the line for the dentist or while shopping in the market. A challenge about creativity is that we cannot be sure if we’re on the right path.

When it comes to creativity all the rules are broken.

We may think an idea is stupid, blocking it before it develops. The best to do is always try, most of my really “crazy” or “stupid” ideas turn up to be my best creations.

My process starts with a simple sketch, sometimes it works, sometimes not, but I really believe that every creation leads us to somewhere and its a process of learning.

Do not be so serious and tell us, are you a girl who prefers a sunrise or sunset?

Sunrise for sure! I'm a night person. It's default for me to wake up early in the morning, so when that happens I always sit for a few minutes on the bad with zombie face hating the world, but when I get to the location and the sun is starting to come up, it's always worth it, the light is so soft and colors are breathtaking.

What are your plans for the next 3 years?

Working on my exhibition, travel a lot, and of course, teach and help other people.

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