Simplicity is certainly not a new trend, in fact, in the recent years, we can see a huge wave of minimalist proposals in every aspect of creativity and fashion is not a stranger to this movement. However, only a few can boast of eloquent work in this branch that is so little explored but widespread. A perfect example is Australian clothing label Good CMPNY that preserve an appropriate balance between style and functionality.
These characteristics can rarely be obtained in a market that promotes fast fashion without design concerns. The crew from Melbourne solve the problem by devoting all their energy to basic pieces that become elemental for anybody’s closet. We share some words with the staff behind them to unravel a little the mysteries of their creative process and their opinions on the current market.



To a first view, Good Company has a simple aesthetic but at the same time got a strong presence with some well-made pieces. Why start a fashion line like that? What Good Company have to offer to a market crowded with different options?

GOOD CMPNY sweatshirts production runs are limited, emphasizing the use of specially sourced fabrics and first-class production techniques.

One aspect that we really enjoy is the usability of any piece. Internally, how the brand works? Do you guys follow a regular season calendar?

ONE FOR ALL” – This is the essence of the brand. Unisex (all genders), all seasons and for all occasions.

How do you manage trends?

We don’t really follow trends… GOOD CMPNY sweatshirts are designed to be a high-quality staple, that has timeless appeal…


Your latest video lookbook tastes amazing for the eyes and once again got a very solid aesthetic. How close do you feel to alternatives marketing channels like a video?

Working with film gives you the opportunity to be more emotive. The lookbook video and photography really helped emphasize the quality of the product, and the direction we want to take the brand. Developing a strong campaign for our second collection, “Neapolitan“, was a priority this year. Working with photographer Sam Wong, and videographer Dorian Hiscock, was a big step up from our first collection. We were also lucky enough to work with local music producers ‘Knightfall’, which added another layer to the brand experience.

How do you see the currently Australian streetwear scene?

We’re probably not the best critics.. 🙂 but I’d say it would be an appropriation of what is happening in other parts of the world…

What can we expect for an upcoming collection?

GOOD CMPNY collections will always continue to explore and develop different production techniques to maintain a high-quality product and aesthetic. Sweatshirts will always be our focus, but there is always the opportunity to expand the range. As our production runs are limited, we may look at releasing two collections next year.. and collaborations on a collection or other projects is something we are keen to explore as well.


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