Even when is a titanic effort find the right balance between proper design and smart methodology in business, there’s always little surprises exactly where nobody thinks. That is what happened when we cross our paths with an innovating brand based in Tel Aviv called SHUFFF. Not your average clothing label. Shufff is another motion piece in the current geo-conscience wave of brands who feel a deep responsibility to the planet without sacrificing delightful design with practical functions. We took a bite out of globalization and exchange emails with the Shufff’s creative team behind the idea and share the conversation/interview with them. Enjoy.

To begin and maybe the most evident question…Why scarves? was an election based on the product or is part of a commercial strategy according to a niche that has not been explored by other companies?

First of all, we really love this accessory – it can be used in so many ways and functions – from warming the neck through styling your hair as a headband to decorating your bag or popping from your pocket, we did feel that there is much to do and develop in this niche which has a very long history and cultural references but not many contemporary interpretations.

As scarves admirers we felt this item could be the great playground for our creative ideas – it is an open wide canvas which can host almost any kind of style and graphic. The magic of its transformation from 2D into 3D when it is in use fascinate us, how suddenly the graphics from the edges collide and create new compositions altogether. In the practical aspect – this item fits all sizes and genders, it is lightweight and easy to ship.

In the practical aspect, this item fits all sizes and genders, it is lightweight and easy to ship internationally.

What challenges have you had to solve by being a medium sized company operating in a city that is not the usual destination for a fashion label as New York or Paris?

We create our designs and tech R&D in Tel Aviv, which is one of the most interesting, mixed live cities in the world. The vibe of technological innovation, mixed with unique street fashion, inspire our creativity and enables a solid ground for a fresh angle that SHUFFF represents. Having said that, the fact that we are an online Real Time Fashion brand enables us to run a fully globalized operation, as we are not limited to brick and mortar locations – SHUFFF is absolutely global, with varied customer audience from all over the world – anywhere from Europe, U.S. and all the way to Asia – our customers click with our online global identity.

You guys got a very solid graphic design pattern, this idea was born as a response to a particular concept?

Our vision is to establish a modular design system – meaning that the designers’ mission would be to create a set of rules and graphic components where the customer could play and shuffle with (that’s our brand’s name origin – Shufff stands for Shuffle) and style their own unique combination of patterns. To plan such a modular system it was necessary to start with geometric repetitive pattern styles, after playing with them for a while we discovered how rich and varied their combinations can be.

What is the reach of the brand today?

One of the things that we are very proud of, is SHUFFF’s global identity. We market globally, and currently, have clients all across the globe – anywhere from NY, Berlin, Madrid, UK to Singapore, Tokyo And Australia.

SHUFFF's team: Nirit Binyamini, Viki Almog-Ayzenberg, David Ben-Meir, Nissim Hania
SHUFFF’s team: Nirit Binyamini, Viki Almog-Ayzenberg, David Ben-Meir, Nissim Hania

This identity is a result of 1). The type of audience which is interested in our brand, that shares our admiration to prints, textile and new ways of fashion creation – these are millennials that are located all over the world, in both large and small cities, all they have to do really is just have access to the internet, be exposed to new ideas and desire to be unique and innovative; and 2). Collaborations with local creators and designers from different countries that enrich our brand and color it with surprising and interesting interpretations of their own (based on SHUFFF’s concept). You will see more of those collaborations in a form of capsule collections during 2017.

Part of your company statement declare an “eco-conscious manufacturing”, Could you explain this in detail?

SHUFFF’s eco-conscious manufacturing is based on two primary processes – digital textile printing
and On-Demand Manufacturing (or “Purchase Activated Manufacturing”). While the fashion industry is the 2nd polluting industry in the world (!), we are trying to provide unique solutions that will make a real change.


Our smart-purchasing shopping experience, where the customers first choose and make the purchase, and only then the factory produce the item for them, is beneficial to the whole eco-system (buyers, sellers, designers, and manufacturers). It is not supplied >> demand was driven, but rather demand >> supply was driven. The unique manufacturing method we developed, minimizes the raw materials wastage to zero. On the same time, all the garments we manufacture are pre-purchased so we avoid over manufacturing, since the whole inventory is virtual, and we use hyper-realistic imaging to show products that haven’t been manufactured yet. Furthermore, the digital textile printing is considered to be clean and green with a very accurate usage of ink, water, and electricity.

Which are the goals that are set in a market as competitive as fashion? And at a creative level, what can we expect in a next collection?

For 2017, our goals are:

  • Release the capsule collections that were made with international designers as part of our
    collaboration program.
  • Extend our unique On Demand Manufacturing model to more items, such as bags, ties, basic
    dresses etc.
  • Launch our i-Create platform on both mobile and desktop – enable an amazing user experience for
    all those clients that are ready to take their shopping experience to the next level – they will use
    our generic templates to design a unique and one of a kind garment that will be produced
    especially for them!
  • Expanding our localized manufacturing infrastructure to a few more locations mainly in Europe
    and North America, to optimize our Real-Time Fashion funnel – react faster to current events,
    and ship the items faster to the clients.



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