Please follow these guidelines when submitting your work: All submissions must be sent to

  1. Give your email the subject title: Submission
  2. We can only accept submissions sent via email
  3. Please provide a link to your portfolio/website of choice
  4. Submissions must be previously unpublished, this also means we do not accept stories that have already appeared online
  5. For idea submissions, please attach a mood board as well as all the details regarding your idea (concept, timing, credits).
  6. We only accept completed stories. Please send a PDF contact sheet or JPG files. JPG files must be named: Title of the series (e.g. The River) Once we have accepted your series please send a high-resolution package including the following:
    High-resolution images (300dpi) without graphic inserts. Images must be final retouched images.
    The package must be named: Title of the story.

*Please include a written text which explains why and what moved you to shoot the series. Generally, this can be as short or as long as you wish.
Please, use only email to send your package.